You may have heard, but we recently brought some incredible Masters-level interns onto our team and we want YOU to get to know a bit about each of them and to hear their fun personalities in our interview-style blog series! First up is Ms. Jen Manning!

1. What draws you to the counseling field?  Why do you want to become a therapist?

Trust!  Sounds funny, huh? Trust draws me into the counseling field and is why I want to become a therapist.  Let me explain.  I feel that trust is the gateway to the expression of self to others.  For me, I struggled trusting others with my true self.  It kept me on a hamster wheel of trying to fit other’s expectations and prove something.  I finally became so exhausted with constantly feeling like I was failing that I decided to try and be myself… like my whole insecure, emotional expressive self.  And then Voilà! : ) It wasn’t that easy.  It is still something I battle, but now I have the tools to fight back.  When my mental life changed, my heart life changed, and my outside world felt a little safer.  I want to become a therapist to support others in creating a safe place to experience more trust too.

2. Have you been through counseling yourself?  What was that experience like for you?

I have been through counseling.  Full disclosure it was required for school and I had not been previously.  However, I love self-help books and always desired to step into a counseled session, but I was nervous because I wondered what people would think.  There’s that insecurity again ; )  Once I did start a therapeutic relationship with my counselor,  I never looked back.  Well actually I did look back to reflect on how much the support changed me little by little.  It was amazing!!  

3. What’s something you would tell someone who’s thinking about talking with a counselor?

If you are thinking about talking with a counselor, just know… you can do it!  It takes time and practice to invite someone into your boundaries.  I started off feeling cynical that someone could genuinely understand my processing and “get me.”  Then each week I began to experience relief.  It was freeing just to know that I had a dedicated time and space to be me with no judgement. It’s like after a Thanksgiving meal and your food belly is pressing on the zipper of your fancy pants and you can’t stop thinking about sweatpants and finally you can’t take it anymore so you free yourself, haha!  That’s what counseling is like; wearing your favorite pair of comfy sweatpants : )

4. What is your favorite type of clientele/what are your specialties?

If you need or want support, I want to be there for you!  We all have obstructions that can keep us from experiencing safety, trust, or being known.  Through personal, career, life experience, and my education I feel equipped to provide therapy in women’s issues, parenting, infertility, postpartum, life transitions, play therapy, children & teens, interpersonal relationship skill building and improvement, anxiety and identity development.  I’ve worked a lot with families over the last ten years with motor-skill, social and cognitive development from ages 15 months through 12 years.  I also co-lead friendship groups for kids that have social anxiety, ADD, ADHD and neurodivergent tendency.  

5. Tell us one random or fun fact about yourself

Oooooo, which random fact to choose?!  Well, I once held four chickens in my arms in the grasslands of Africa while women sang the most beautiful songs.

Want to know more about Jen? CLICK HERE to read her full bio, see more of her specialities, and to set up an appointment with her! She is able to offer an affordable rate of only $55 per 45-minute session. Give us a call at 303-902-3068 or contact us HERE with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!