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Affordable Christian Counseling in Colorado


We don’t want cost to get in the way

Oftentimes people don’t seek out a counselor when they need one because they fear it will cost too much, or they believe they’ll never find anyone who could possibly have enough experience to help them through whatever it is they’re going through. Here at Cornerstone, we want to alleviate both of these concerns. Check out our affordable christian counseling options below!


Affordable Christian Counseling - Cornerstone Christian Counseling


We desire to be up front and clear in our pricing, and want to give you as much notice as possible whenever rates change. The rates above will officially take effect as of March 2023.

Affordable Christian Counseling

Prices range from $62 – $190

Our Provisionally Licensed Professionals are the perfect blend of competence, professionalism and value, while our Licensed Professionals offer the experience that comes from being a licensed professional with a greater number of years in the field (and frequently, additional certifications and specialties as well).

how does the pricing structure work?

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 clinicians are the perfect blend of competence, professionalism and value, while our Tier 3, 4 and 5 clinicians offer the experience that comes from being a licensed professional with a greater number of years in the field (and frequently, additional certifications and specialties as well).

  • Tier 1: Provisionally Licensed Professionals; Counseling Students ($62 per session)
  • Tier 2: Provisionally Licensed Professionals ($110 per session)  
  • Tier 3: Licensed Professionals ($130 per session)
  • Tier 4: Licensed Professionals with Advanced Certifications and/or 5,000+ clinical hours ($160 per session)
  • Tier 5: Licensed Professionals with Advanced Certifications and/or 10,000+ clinical hours ($190 per session)

We try our best to provide affordable Christian counseling, so please contact us or click on one of the boxes below to learn more about the additional affordable counseling options we offer.

Do you offer discounts?

We do our best to offer affordable Christian Counseling to as many people as possible, but we do offer a few discounts to specific groups of people.

We believe that God calls us to support and love those who are in full-time ministry. We extend a 10% discount to anyone who works in a church or missions-related context (this includes pastors, missionaries, church interns, administrative staff, etc.)  This discount applies to all of our Tier 2-5 counselors.

We extend a discount for all active duty, active reservists and retirees of the five primary military services (Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marine Corps) and their dependents.  This discount applies to all of our Tier 2-5 counselors.

If you don’t fit into either of these categories, we recommend that you check out our discount program where you can book counseling sessions for only $62. Read about our discount program.

Have more questions regarding our discounts?  Please call us

What about insurance?

With few exceptions, Cornerstone Christian Counseling does not bill insurance directly.  Here’s why:

We want YOU to have a say in the counseling process: 

We don’t know if you’ve tried, but we have. We’ve called our own insurance companies to try to set up an appointment with a counselor and have found that the wait to see someone is extensive, and the representative you speak with can tell you very little about the person you will be meeting with. You also may find that you are limited to a certain number of sessions to make progress towards your therapeutic goals, and there is less face-to-face time with your counselor.

If requested, we can provide an insurance Superbill for your counseling appointment at the time of service that may be used to submit to your insurance company for reimbursements. Many of our clients have high deductibles which they pay out of pocket anyway and want to choose a counselor for themselves vs having the insurance company choose for them.

Have more questions regarding our fees?  Please call us

Does Cornerstone accept Medicaid?

We are excited to now accept limited number of clients covered by Medicaid! We are eligible to ONLY work with clients with Colorado Community Health Alliance in RAE 6 & 7.

Learn more about our Medicaid Program and request an appointment by clicking here. 

How long are the counseling sessions?

Each counseling session lasts approximately 45 minutes, and pricing applies to both individual and joint/couple/family sessions.

Elongated sessions (75 minutes) are also available at an additional cost.

Discount program

When you work with one of our Masters-Level interns, you will receive counseling at a very affordable rate. They’re supervised by a clinician on our team.

Medicaid Program

We accept a limited number of Medicaid clients who live in Colorado and are associated with our approved RAE.

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Health First Colorado Medicaid Program
Cornerstone accepts CCHA Medicaid but does not bill other insurances. We do provide superbills for potential reimbursement.