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Aimee Cornell, Client Care Coordinator for Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Colorado

Aimee Cornell

Ongoing Care Coordinator

Aimee has experience as a medical office receptionist for over 18 years. Aimee’s favorite thing is providing a compassionate and kind ear to every person she speaks with, and she hopes to leave each person feeling cared for and heard. Aimee LOVES to pray with and for others, finding it amazingly beautiful that Daddy God hears and uses every single prayer.

Aimee, her husband Michael, and their two feline furbabies Maija and Drago NaughtyCat the Destroyer, live in Brighton, CO.  She is passionate about Jesus, goofiness, and great laughter with her incredible friends & family (especially her husband that she prayed for for 24 years!). She loves all things musical, from opera (she’s a trained opera singer) to rock, and enjoys a plethora of other creative pursuits such as making resin jewelry.

Amana Cornerstone Christian Counseling

Amanda Young

Systems coordinator

Amanda and her husband Craig, live in Littleton, CO with their kids and 2 dogs.  She graduated from Metro with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. Before joining the awesome team at Cornerstone, she worked for a non-profit doing case management for at-risk youth and their families. She wears many hats, but her favorite ones are wife and mom. Having two beautiful daughters with chronic health conditions has given her a heart of empathy for others, and has given her opportunities to trust God in a world that is full of uncertainties. She runs on Jesus, prayer, and coffee… lots of coffee!  In her spare time, she loves to listen to worship music, play cards and board games with her family, camp in the mountains, try out new recipes she finds on Pinterest, and fellowship around the firepit with family and friends (while making s’mores of course!)


Angie Taylor COO of Cornerstone Christian Counseling

Angie Taylor

Co-Founder, COO

Angie is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cornerstone Christian Counseling. She also happens to be married to Sean, Cornerstone’s Founder and Director, and they’ve been running the business together since they first opened their doors in 2009.

Angie wears many hats at Cornerstone, but her biggest joy is found in doing her best to stay in-step with Jesus in the great adventure of running this business!  When this story was only beginning, she answered phone calls and returned emails from her kitchen table while her two small kids napped.  These days, she still (mostly) works from the kitchen table, but with the added blessing of doing this full-time and with an absolutely incredible team of people!

Angie enjoys making connections with folks in the community, speaking at MOPS groups and other venues, and most importantly, can't wait to see what God has in store for the future of Cornerstone.  If there's ever any question as to if Cornerstone as a whole or any of our individual counselors could be a good resource for you, your church, your organization or your school, Angie would love to talk with you more!

Carla Castro cornerstone christian counseling

Carla Castro

intake care coordinator

Carla and her husband live in Texas with their toddler son and their cat, Kitty. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, hiking, and curling up on the couch with a good novel. 

Carla received her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked in case management, special education, and as a flight attendant. After being home with her son for two years, she is excited to rejoin the workforce with Cornerstone and continue serving others as God has called her to do.

our office staff

Cassidie Orr

Ongoing Care Coordinator

Cassidie & her husband Robert live in Greeley, Colorado.  Cassidie is a fun, energetic, and happy person. She loves learning about God, helping people, spending time with family, and being goofy with her friends. She has a bachelor's degree in Educational Studies, and has a passion for serving kids and teaching them about God’s love.

In her spare time she loves singing, worshipping Jesus, scrolling on Pinterest for home decor, and dreaming about one day owning an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai puppy.


dianne Foster

Intake Care Coordinator, Custody Case Coordinator

Dianne is originally from the Caribbean and comes to us with 32 years of experience as a general pediatrician and academician. Her career path to date has centered on providing compassionate care and being the hands and feet of Jesus in the workplace. Her passions are Jesus, her family, friends, worship, prayer, and intercession. She enjoys seeing lives changed through the love of Christ and rejoices when people are walking in the fullness of all they were created to be.

She is an avid Star Trek and sci-fi fan who longs to be on one of those ships hurtling through space. Here on earth, she has traveled to 15 countries and 40 states (and counting) and loves learning about and experiencing new cultures. She enjoys reading on all topics and watching videos on tiny home living, homesteading, and gardening – which she will never do because she doesn’t like dirt or worms.

Judith Bonnaig Client Care Coordinator at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Florida

Emily Frink


Emily and her husband, Daniel, live in Littleton, Colorado with their golden retriever pup, Sherlock. Emily graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Before joining the Cornerstone team, she primarily worked in the adoption field as a birth parent counselor and case manager. Emily has a passion for serving the Lord and a heart for loving people.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, baking, watching movies, and camping. As a Colorado native, Emily loves spending time outdoors, especially during the fall (her favorite season).

Ethan Albin

Billing Assistant

Ethan is a Denver native who has an extensive background working in healthcare. He is married to a wonderful woman here in Denver and they have a dog named Rigi. They look forward to starting their human family in the next couple years.

Judith Bonnaig Client Care Coordinator at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Florida

Jason Klika


Does his last name sound familiar? It should! Jason is married to the famous Jess, and is joining us from the sunny beaches of Florida. He wishes my office was on a beach, but gets worried about all that sand getting in his laptop…

Jason loves long walks on the beach with his famous wife, Jess (see above). He enjoys the Beach Boys, gator sightings in his neighborhood, and eating a cuban on weekend trips to Miami. He is an expert handy man, and after assembling all of this office’s furniture, he is now fluent in Ikea Swedish. If Jason isn’t at Disney World, you can find him volunteering at the local orange grove.

Jason helped to help launch the Florida office, and currently ensures everything runs smoothly. Welcome to the Florida team, Jason!

Krista Jessee

Krista Jessee


Krista is originally from California and grew up as a missionary kid in Mexico City and Costa Rica. She has always loved traveling and getting to know other cultures and customs. Krista and her husband, Matt live in Parker CO with their amazing 7-year-old son, Eli. Before joining the Cornerstone team, she worked in Connections at a local church and has worked in ministry-related jobs for many years. She is passionate about Jesus and prayer. Her favorite season is Fall and her all-time favorite drink is iced coffee in all seasons. Her heart longs for people to know Jesus and experience freedom. 

our office staff

Lance Myers

Director of Marketing & Sales

Lance lives in Littleton with his wife, son, and twin girls (toddlers!) so needless to say, he's an expert multitasker. He loves playing guitar, nerding out with history or space documentaries, taking the family camper out for a weekend, and using writing to express his creativity.

He's always dreamed of finding a way to use his own mental health journey to somehow help others in similar seasons of life. Through constant prayer and self-reflection, he found Cornerstone Christian Counseling and knew it was meant to be.

Lance brings a unique mix of marketing acumen, personal mental health experience, leadership, and the overwhelming desire to help others improve their quality of life.

Judith Bonnaig Client Care Coordinator at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Florida

Laura Downey


Laura is a farm girl from Iowa, who has been living in Colorado since 2008. She is married to her husband Brent, and together they have three boys and a miniature schnauzer. She loves being a #boymom and has fully embarrassed all the messy goodness that it brings. Laura has a passion for Jesus, missions, baking, jewelry, and living a simple yet purposeful life.

Laura has worked in human resources since 2008, previously working at a national Christian youth ministry organization. She loves using her gifts in administration and knowledge of human resources to serve as Cornerstone’s HR Specialist.

Megan Katzer

Director of Administration & Culture
Megan loves Jesus, and feels closest to God's presence in or around the mountains. She fully believes in the healing work that can take place in the counseling room, and is grateful to work with such a gifted team at Cornerstone. 
Megan's favorite hobbies include: over analyzing a menu and still not knowing what she wants to order when she gets to the restaurant, avoiding the Texas heat, and traveling to new places. She loves bringing people joy through her baking, sense of humor, or moments of intentional connection. She moved from Denver to Austin in 2018 with her pup, Turkey, to help plant a church. But she will always consider Colorado home and smother all the things in green chili.


Melissa Cornerstone Christian Counseling

Melissa Fritzsche

Locations Specialist

Melissa and her husband, Chris, have made Colorado their home since 2007. They live in and love the community of Castle Rock, but escape to the beach as much as possible. Together they are currently braving the high school years with their two amazing teenage sons.

Melissa has a passion for serving others and a heart for those in need of a little TLC. She worked as a hospice R.N. before having her children and has always tried to find a way to stay connected to the healthcare field. 

You’ll often find her curled up with a soft blanket, a good book, and at least one dog on her lap. She volunteers with a local dog rescue and finds great joy in fostering dogs rescued from puppy mills. Finally, she has a brand new passport on its way and big dreams in her head. 

nancy sandoval

billing specialist

Nancy wants to live in a world full of DIY projects, Pinterest successes, and power tools. If you can envision it, she can build it!  Prior to joining the team at Cornerstone, Nancy owned a small medical transcription business. She brought her working knowledge of organization and skilled attention to detail to help people in their journey toward growth and healing. When she’s not in the garage working on the next home improvement project, Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband Mark, and their 4 adult children and four sweet grandchildren. She loves to travel, entertain on her patio, and cozy up to a good mystery, historical, or romance novel!

Sarah Hoang

Managing director

Sarah's passion for her work spans far beyond her love of color-coded spreadsheets--she is constantly inspired by her teammates and the heart behind what they do. Her life goal is to help, connect, and love people well. After spending 5 years as an Elementary Teacher, she brought her combined love of organization and human connection to the mental health world through the amazing team at Cornerstone.

In her spare time she loves to laugh with her best friend (her husband), read, write, and find the adventures in the everyday: creating, singing, swing dancing, making memories, and traveling the world.


Sophie Kosiara

systems DIRECTOR

Sophie & her husband, Preston, live in the glorious state of Colorado with their two kiddos, Theo & Eden. Sophie loves Jesus, time with loved ones, all of the food, exploring new places, thunderstorms, cute animals, & curling up with a darn good book. She is passionate about helping people step into the abundant life God has created them to live. She values vulnerability, gratitude, and kindness. 




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