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Jen Manning

MA-Level Counseling Intern


  • women’s concerns
  • depression/anxiety
  • infertility/postpartum
  • teens and young adults
  • spiritual development
  • family hurt
  • life transitions
  • play therapy


  • MA-Level Counseling Intern





Philosophy and Therapeutic Approach

It’s never too late to make a change.  Don’t let fear stop you. – Cari Risby

You are worthy.  You are noticed, valued and uniquely contribute to this life. 

I understand that life is messy.  Whether it’s a broken family, an abusive relationship, a feeling of failure or just feeling alone.  We all experience uncomfortable, dark, shaky places in life. God eagerly desires to exchange these hard moments with His peace. His word reminds us that He came for you.  He gives life,  John 10:10 says: “But I came to give life – life that is full and good”.  

You can experience a life that is full and good.  I believe restoration of this type of life begins with reestablishing safety and trust, no judgement, and no shame.  Together, we can explore your pain and rebuild the truths of God’s intent for your life.  It is my commitment to honor you, your emotions and your journey, and help support you in experiencing a purposeful life. 

What to Expect in Therapy

I will welcome you with joy and kindness. I will meet you wherever you are in your journey. I will celebrate the efforts and sit with you in the lows.  Therapy is collaborative work to identify difficulties and feelings that are all too suffocating.  I will gently challenge you to processing the mind, heart and body connection, so that change can begin.  We will use mindfulness, body health, relational and educational tools to create transformation. 

You are intricately unique, and it takes a personalized, devoted journey to experience healing outside and in.  Whatever your reason for taking this step, it took courage for you to acknowledge your obstacle and wisdom to seek help. 

Personal Qualifications and Experience

I am currently finishing up my Masters In Counseling from Colorado Christian University.  In 2007, I graduated with a B.S. from Greenville Christian University.  Soon after, I began a child-centered career here in Colorado.  Between Littleton Public School District and K12 Online Public School I mentored students and families for five years.  In 2008, I settled into a Director position at a Motor-skill development gym for kids.  I have spent eleven years as Director, teaching and growing parenting skills and child development between the ages of 6 months up to age 12.  I love people and creating fun environments to grow and learn.  Each setting provided exposure to several types of environments, producing a more holistic perspective and approach to children and families.

Personal Interests

I love new experiences, thrills and the outdoors.  My personal adult adventure began in 2006 when my husband and I married.  From there I was destined for Colorado.  We settled into Littleton, Colorado and explored every part of the city.  We now are raising two daughters who reveal such depth in life and appreciate adventure too.  My husband began in finance, but made the leap to become a Denver firefighter.  Our family is familiar with life transitions and supporting others through their own journey.

Music, books, hiking, and biking bring me peace.  While roller coasters, games and sports rev me up.  Often you can find me gathering people together to play some type of yard game or made up challenge. I thoroughly love to travel and hope to see as much of the world as possible. 


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