Meet Cathleen Olney! We recently brought some incredible Masters-Level interns onto our team, and we want YOU to get to know them in our interview-style blog series!
1. What draws you to the counseling field?  Why do you want to become a therapist?
This is a great question. I wanted to become a therapist because I spend so much time on my own growth! I wish someone else had been able to help me sort out my struggles earlier in my life, so I want to be that person for others. I want to help others live in freedom and joy.
2. Have you been through counseling yourself?  What was that experience like for you?
I’ve been through lots of counseling and other personal development work throughout my life, but intensively for the past 11 years. The process has often been a difficult one, but overwhelmingly beneficial in every aspect of my life. I have seen growth in my spiritual journey, relationships, finances and so many other areas.
3. What’s something you would tell someone who’s thinking about talking with a counselor?

Be strong and courageous! It will bless you and everyone you love when you become willing to allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing and growth through counseling. It’s worth the investment in yourself.

4. What is your favorite type of clientele/what are your specialties?

I love working with people who want to get to the root of WHY they do what they do. Why are they prone to addiction? Why do they keep dating hurtful people? Why do they keep finding themselves in toxic work environments? Why do they struggle with relationships with their children or parents? Why do they sabotage themselves? I think if you’re willing to dig deep and ask these big questions, you open yourself up to healing, restoration and walking in the fullness God has for you.


It’s also worth mentioning that I also love working with people who are at major life transitions. If you’re thinking about making a change or are in the midst of transition (career, divorce, empty nest, caring for elderly parents, etc.) I would love to talk with you.

5. Tell us one random or fun fact about yourself

The best job I ever had was living and working on a 40′ sailboat in the Caribbean.

We are so excited for Cathleen to join our team here at Cornerstone (even if we’re not a 40’ sailboat!). Want to learn more? You can read our newest intern Cathleen Olney full bio and background HERE. If you’d like to schedule with her or any other of our new interns, (who are all priced at an affordable rate of $55 per session), you can reach our team at (303) 902-3068 or via email at info@christiancounselingco.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
If you’re curious about what it takes to become a Christian counselor, Colorado Christian University has a great blog about this exact subject!