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Mental health issues are not something to be ashamed of or brushed aside. They’re a very real and valid struggle that affects millions of people, including Christians. It’s okay to seek help, talk to a counselor, and take steps to manage your symptoms. We’re here to remind you of that and offer support along the way.

Join us as we dive deep into some common mental health-related topics below.

This free 31-day journey towards better mental health can be tough, but we encourage you to follow along using the content links below.

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The Counseling Process:


Tell us your story

Connect with the best person for you! All of our counselors are professionally trained. Choose from masters-level interns or our team of licensed therapists. 

Match with a Counselor

Our Care Team is standing by to help set up your first session. If you have questions throughout your counseling journey, we’re here to help.

Schedule Appointment

Heal. Grow. Thrive. We believe in the power of therapy. We can’t wait to see what it does for you, too!

Heal as an individual

You can achieve the healing and freedom you deserve, and our counselors will help you get from where you’re at to where you want to be.

heal as a couple

Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle or it’s been 40 years since you said, “I do,” we want to help you have a healthy marriage.

Heal as a Family

No two families are alike and each season can bring unique challenges. Our counselors work with clients of all ages to help keep your family strong.


Individual counseling services

Do you feel frustrated? Stuck? Like things may never change? Our counselors specialize in a wide variety of areas to help you get from where you’re at to where you want to be.

Trauma therapy

Going through trauma is not rare—about 60% of adults experience one trauma in their lives. Often, counseling is fundamental in the process of healing for many people.


Couples counseling services

Feeling disconnected from each other? Do you wish your communication was stronger? Or are you looking to build better habits for the future? Our counselors are here to help you grow as a couple.

Premarital counseling services

Asking good questions and having hard conversations before you get married is one of the best ways to set up your marriage for success. Our counselors are trained to help you build a lasting foundation.



Overwhelmed by temper tantrums? Teenage angst? Or navigating tricky family dynamics? As your family changes, new challenges arise. Our counselors are here to help you through them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Communities do You Serve?

We offer in-person appointments at any of our 7 locations in Colorado and Florida, along with online counseling options in other areas.

Are Online Sessions Available?

Yes! We strive to make Christian counseling available to as many people as possible and online therapy is a great option! All of our therapists are able to accommodate in-person and online counseling unless otherwise noted.

Learn more about online therapy at Cornerstone Christian Counseling.

How do I Get Matched with a Counselor?

We encourage you to take a few minutes to read a little about each one of our therapists. During our working hours you’ll likely be able to connect with someone on our admin team immediately by calling 303-902-3068 or emailing info@christiancounselingco.com.

You can also request an appointment online by clicking here.

What Does Cornerstone Christian Counseling Believe?

We’re glad you asked. You can view our Statement of Faith.

What if I’m Not Sure What I Believe?

That’s ok! Whether you’re experiencing doubt, deconstructing what you believe, or have a different belief system altogether, we’re here for you. You also don’t have to be at the “right place” in your faith, be a Christian, live a certain way, or believe in God at all to come to counseling at Cornerstone. All of our therapists are clinically excellent and trained to meet you exactly where you’re at.

We’ll just say it again: we want to make it overt that we welcome you, wherever you are coming from. Christian, non-Christian or non-religious, we will respect and honor you and care for you with non-judgmental compassion and grace.

Does a Christian Counselor Really Matter?

Therapy in general can be incredibly vulnerable. Knowing you’re sitting across from a brother or sister in Christ can help increase feelings of safety. Having shared experiences (and similar frustrations) can further create a bridge of trust between you and the therapist you choose.

If you desire it, your therapist can read scripture, pray with you, and discuss questions about God–whatever you are comfortable with. We guarantee that even after your session is over, your counselor will still be praying for you. As the body of Christ, we want to support you fully, in whatever way is best for you.