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in-person counseling

Meeting with a therapist for in-person counseling is an effective way to work through whatever life changes, situations, or circumstances you may currently be experiencing. One of the benefits of an in-person Christian counseling session is the development of trust and understanding that typically encourages self-realization in our clients. From there, in-person counseling continues to help our clients acknowledge problems and issues, and encourages them to think up solutions with gentle help and guidance from the counselor.

Why choose in-person counseling?

  • Major life transitions such as preparing for marriage or preparing for parenthood
  • Strained, fractured or even broken relationships (with a spouse, friend, family member, co-worker, etc)
  • Desire to deepen relationships with loved ones
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Feeling nervous, stressed or worried
  • Parental disagreement in regards to child-rearing
  • Concern regarding your child’s behavior
  • Difficulty managing emotions
  • Need/desire to deal with issues from the past (including abuse, trauma, neglect)
  • Negative behavioral or habitual patterns

Meeting for in-person counseling can be helpful in any number of life’s circumstances.  Whether the situation you find yourself in is new or old, temporary or long-lasting, having someone to walk with you as you transition to a happier, healthier place can be a valuable experience for you and those around you.

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