Taylor-001I don’t know how many of you checked out Kegan’s blog earlier this week, but in it he listed some great date ideas for not only this Valentine’s Day but for many date-nights to come.  Today my task is to give us all something to talk about while we’re on that date- because let’s face it, after a long week dealing with projects, bosses, chores, customers and kids many of us can be just plumb out of ideas! So here’s a list that I hope will get your wheels turning and spark some conversation that will leave you feeling happier to be together, more understood, and more connected.  And if you’re not in a committed relationship at the moment, modify the questions and use them with those closest to you.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
and those who love it will eat its fruits.

-Proverbs 18:21

May the fruit of your conversation be sweet and filling.  –Sean


On the lighter side:

  1. What’s the most exciting or interesting thing that happened to you this week?
  2. What’s the most challenging thing that you encountered this week?  How did you respond?
  3. What are some things you’d like to do this summer?  Vacations? Projects?
  4. How have you seen God work this week?
  5. If money wasn’t an issue, how would you celebrate our next anniversary?
  6. If we were to go without TV in our house for a week who would go through withdrawal pains the most and why?  What would be the result of a TV fast for the two of us?
  7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
  8. Who are my two closest friends and what is one significant thing happening in their life?
  9. What is my top life-dream?
  10. What is my favorite song? Food? Movie? Sport? Outdoor activity?
  11. What do you think the gifts are that God has given me?
  12. Who have you intentionally loved lately?  What happened?
  13. When was the last time you felt loved by someone you didn’t know?  What happened?


Getting a little deeper:

  1. What expression of affection from me makes you feel most deeply loved or appreciated? What about that makes you feel that way?
  2. What would you say are my top 3 strengths?  (Then return the favor)
  3. If we, along with our (imaginary) clones, were to form a baseball team, who would play which position and why?  What might this say about our relationship?
  4. Research shows that married couples do better financially than singles.  Do you think that’s true for us?  Are we better off financially in our relationship than we would be single? Why or why not?
  5. In what ways have you longed for me to love you more?
  6. What things in our relationship concern you?
  7. What do you think God likes about our relationship?  What do you think He would like to be different?
  8. Describe your most satisfying sexual encounter with me?  Who would initiate it?  What would we be wearing?  What would precede it?  What would follow?
  9. What are 3 of my favorite things about you?
  10. What made you fall in love with me?
  11. If you were to hear God describe his love for your spouse what do you think He would say?
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