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Alexa Crane

MA-Level Intern

alexa crane cornerstone christian counseling


  • premarital counseling (SYMBIS certified)
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • divorce/separation
  • grief/loss
  • interpersonal/communication issues
  • life transitions
  • spiritual direction
  • trauma
  • women’s issues
  • trauma-informed
  • blended families
  • couples/relationships
  • sexual issues
  • attachment issues

Experience Level

Client focus


  • adults (18+)
  • teens (14-17)

counseling type

  • individuals
  • couples
Philosophy and Therapeutic Approach

A healthy counseling relationship can encourage self-awareness while building up self-compassion that is foundational to healing personal traumas. The simple act of slowing down- truly listening/exploring what we need can be one of the hardest things of all. What we pay attention to from our past or allow to ruminate in our minds can be exhaustive. Once the individual decides to move in a healthier direction, having the courage to show up and desire to grow is everything. This looks different for all of us and takes time.

Our personal story matters and when things become overwhelming therein lies opportunity for learning and to walk beside one another. We are so much more than negative cycles that hold us captive in fear. Healing is a process that requires honesty and vulnerability- anyone willing to look inward and connect accountability with our human suffering is on a path to greater resiliency. We cannot expect to grow without also being willing to gain perspective. Being open to changing the lens from which we see and react can be daunting and require some navigation.

In the words of Maya Angelou, “Do the best you can until you know better- Then when you know better- do better”. I believe that it takes courage to explore our personal stories and the hope is that a positive counseling relationship will bring opportunities for healing and for joy.

What to Expect in Therapy

It is important for you to feel comfortable and to feel heard. We can begin by addressing a present issue or the main reason for our meeting. Learning about you, your journey, and what goals you have in mind from the counseling relationship are important. We can explore what has brought you this far and how things are working for or against where you want to be. Having patience with the process and especially with yourself is key. Taking the time to make some goals and plan for future conversations will also help us work towards seeing and feeling progress in future sessions.

Personal Qualifications and Experience

As a wife and mother within a large, blended family, going back to graduate school in Clinical Mental Health, gives academic emersion to areas that life experience has also taught. Having completed my undergraduate work at Colorado State University before starting a family, I have balanced years of going back to work in human resources, real estate, and volunteering with the gift of motherhood. 

Over the years I have seen the healing power of forgiveness and have enjoyed empowering other women and teens struggling to overcome the storms of alcoholism and abandonment. Advocating for these children and their parents who are struggling can mean so much when support systems fail. Addiction leaves a trail of illness in its wake. Using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques and Self-Compassion practices alongside Cognitive Behavioral methods have been valuable tools in aiding my own healing. The physiological changes through breathing and solitude can help lower our reactivity and stress response systems while enhancing other areas of our lives.

Emotional resiliency can evolve through the weight of traumatic events in our lives. The shame need not take over when we decide to choose vulnerability and forgiveness. Scars of human suffering may not completely fade yet can become a part of us in healthier ways. Showing up and creating purpose can be a powerful way forward. My hope is that our professional relationship stirs greater awareness to your goals and lightness to the load you are carrying.

Personal Interests

I think music and nature have always been God’s way of helping me fill up to pour back out with my family. In the Fall/Winter months, when I’m not geeking out in book shops, I’m hiking a trail with a friend, skiing or hanging out with the best yellow Labrador ever, Louis. Once Spring/Summer arrive, I am eager to be on the water and make more green thumb attempts in the garden. Every season, however, can be the time for quiet morning mindfulness to help process our perfectly imperfect family’s issues of the day. Because, let’s be honest, staying positive and choosing to be about the good in this world takes practice every day.

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