“You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this” (Acts 3:15).

As Easter approaches, I can’t help but think of the miracle of Jesus raising up from the dead… his resurrection. To resurrect is “to restore to life, to revive the practice of, or to bring new vigor to.”
Jesus’ restoration back to life is easily the most amazing miracle in the Word and the best example of overcoming brutality, abuse, embarrassment, betrayal, and ultimately death. But does this resurrection power have any effect on us today?
It should.
“For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it” (John 5:21). He is pleased to give it to YOU. You cannot stay the same! When Jesus was buried in the grave, he was bloody, mangled, beaten, gaunt, cold, and unrecognizable (Isaiah 53:5); when we walked out he was glowing, new, and transformed (John 20:14).
We can get tangled up in disbelief when it comes to miracles, especially one of this magnitude.
It can be easier for us to believe in the miracle of conception to birth, the miracle of balls of fire and light suspended in space (which we call stars), the miracle of chemotherapy eradicating cancer cells, the miracle of people with disabilities overcoming impossible odds to adapt to and communicate with the world around them, and even the medical miracle of resuscitation back to life by doctors from a clinical death; than it is for some to believe in Jesus’ revival from death to life.
Aside from being fact and history, years of attending Easter services, and personal encounters with deep grace and forgiveness- some still refuse to fully believe that Jesus could have walked out of the grave. This is the cornerstone of our faith! If Jesus was not resurrected, than death still has complete control over us, and we should still be burning animals in order to be forgiven. “If Christ has not been raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your faith is useless,” (1 Corinthians 15:14). Darkness was totally defeated (1 Corinthians 15:55) and our lives were liberated from, and exchanged for death (Hosea 13:14). So why do we hold so tightly to things that keep us dead?
We doubt resurrection power.
We doubt restoration.
We doubt revival.
There are many answers for why, but here is a simple one: We refuse to take responsibility for the consequence and implications of real resurrection.
It is not the acceptance of death we struggle with, but rather, the reception of life. The responsibility of giving or receiving true, deep forgiveness is overwhelming and frightening for some people. Being forgiven means you are out of excuses, you can’t justify anymore, and you have to walk in freedom. Walking in freedom scares people.
You are no longer entitled to bitterness, selfishness, and anger… surrender to Grace.
There is resurrection power available to us because of what Jesus did. All He is asking you to give up is who you weren’t created to be in the first place (Todd White).

What in your life needs to be resurrected?

Look around- there is so much to resurrect, restore, and revive.

Are you trying to survive rather than trying to thrive in your marriage?
Are you fighting an addiction and wrestling with thoughts of suicide?
Does it feel like your family is falling apart?
Are you battling shame and hopelessness?
Are you becoming comfortable in “death?”

You are in the perfect place to receive life, healing, and total resurrection. You deserve life.

Yes, you must change.
Yes, you must surrender pride and selfishness. Love does not insist on it’s own way (1 Cor 13:5).
Yes, you must have faith that restoration is possible.
Do you want that?