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We don’t want pricing to get in the way of transformational counseling

Oftentimes people don’t seek out a counselor when they need one because they fear it will cost too much, or they believe they’ll never find anyone who could possibly have enough experience to help them through whatever it is they’re going through.  Here at Cornerstone, we want to alleviate both of these concerns.

Prices range from $55 - $175

Our Provisionally Licensed Professionals are the perfect blend of competence, professionalism and value, while our Licensed Professionals offer the experience that comes from being a licensed professional with a greater number of years in the field (and frequently, additional certifications and specialties as well).


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How OUR Pricing Structure Works

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 clinicians are the perfect blend of competence, professionalism and value, while our Tier 3, 4 and 5 clinicians offer the experience that comes from being a licensed professional with a greater number of years in the field (and frequently, additional certifications and specialties as well).

Whatever counselor you choose, you will be met with a professional who cares deeply about you and who is trained to help you heal, grow, and thrive.

  • Tier 1: Provisionally Licensed Professionals; Counseling Students ($55 per session)
  • Tier 2: Provisionally Licensed Professionals ($95 per session)  
  • Tier 3: Licensed Professionals ($115 per session)
  • Tier 4: Licensed Professionals with Advanced Certifications and/or 5,000+ clinical hours ($145 per session)
  • Tier 5: Licensed Professionals with Advanced Certifications and/or 10,000+ clinical hours ($175 per session)

Each counseling session lasts approximately 45-minutes, and pricing applies to both individual and joint/couple/family sessions.  Elongated sessions (75-minutes) are also available at an additional cost.

We try our best to provide low-cost Christian counseling, so please contact us or click on one of the boxes below to learn more about the additional affordable counseling options we offer.

Cornerstone is glad to extend a reduced rate to church staff, active-duty military, and veterans.  In the case of military affiliation, we will ask you to provide documentation of your service before we can extend these reduced rates to you. 

What about insurance?

With few exceptions, Cornerstone Christian Counseling does not bill insurance directly.  Here’s why:

We want YOU to have a say in the counseling process: 

We don’t know if you’ve tried, but we have. We’ve called our own insurance companies to try to set up an appointment with a counselor and have found that the wait to see someone is extensive, and the representative you speak with can tell you very little about the person you will be meeting with. You also may find that you are limited to a certain number of sessions to make progress towards your therapeutic goals, and there is less face-to-face time with your counselor.

At Cornerstone, we believe in personalizing the counseling process from start to finish.  When you call us for the first time, our office staff will take the time to get to know you and your situation so that we will be able to direct you to the counselor best suited for you.  In fact, we are so confident in our ability to make a good match between you and one of our counselors that should you meet with a counselor on our team for the first time and feel like it’s the wrong fit, we will gladly reschedule you for another visit with a different counselor on our team at no charge to you.  Now that’s peace of mind.

We respect your privacy:

Put simply, insurance companies require a diagnosis to authorize treatment.   These negative labels can follow a client through life and interfere with insurability later.  At Cornerstone, we get it – life happens. We believe talking to someone when you need a little help shouldn’t require a diagnosis, and your files are never shared with anyone.

But what if I still want to utilize insurance?

If requested, we can provide an insurance superbill for your counseling appointment at the time of service that may be used to submit to your insurance company for reimbursements. Many of our clients have high deductibles which they pay out of pocket anyway and want to choose a counselor for themselves vs having the insurance company choose for them.

Have more questions regarding our fees?  Please call us

Payment plan

For those in qualifying situations, payments can be made over time instead of at the time of service.

Discount program

Our internship program offers discounted rates for those who meet with a Masters-level intern.

COVID-19 Financial Aid

We are currently offering 20% off for individuals impacted financially by COVID-19.

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