Our team is growing again with the addition of intern Amber Vigueria! We love the Colorado Springs community that we have gotten to know over the years. At Cornerstone, we want to continue to offer affordable Christian Counseling to as many people as we can in the Colorado Springs area. 


1. What’s been your career journey up to this point?

I graduated from the University of Missouri in 1999 and worked as a registered nurse for 8 years. Throughout that time I was able to work in various areas of the hospital, including travel assignments around the United States. I finally found a home in the Emergency department where my love for healing people really grew. After meeting and marrying my Air Force husband, travels became a normal part of life. I learned that home was wherever the military placed us, which allowed me to transition my career from nurse to mom as we welcomed three children into our lives. I watched them grow, and I chose to grow in my career as well. As we settle into our final military move, I am honored to call Colorado home as I continue on my counseling journey. 

2. Why did you join the Cornerstone team? What are you excited about?

I love that Cornerstone is a Christian-based counseling center and I am surrounded by a team of people who support not only my career but my relationship with Christ. I am humbled at the care and regard they have for each team member and the love and patience shown. Technique and skills aside, I hope to grow and learn how to treat others the way I have been treated by them.


3. What drew you into the counseling field? Why did you become a therapist?

As a nurse, especially in the ER, I saw brokenness all around me. I felt helpless at times when I would recognize that people were crying out for more than I could offer. When I decided to transition back into the workforce I knew that I wanted my role to change. I wanted to expand on that passion and build relationships, especially from a faith-based perspective.

4. Have you been through counseling yourself? What was that like for you?

I experienced health issues several years ago. With the help of a very empathetic counselor, I was able to work through my issues and cope better with my situation. The benefit of counseling not only helped me through a difficult season, it helped me be a better wife and mother through that time as well.

5. What would you tell someone thinking about counseling?

I find myself saying, “have you thought about counseling,” all the time because of my personal experience with it. I know it can be intimidating to make that call but it is an investment in your health and peace of mind.

6. What’s one random or fun fact about you?

We lived on a subtropical island off the coast of Japan for three years.

Intern Amber Vigueria is a Master’s Level student and will be offering sessions online and at our Colorado Springs office for $55 per session. To read more about our discount program, CLICK HERE.

If you’re curious about what it takes to become a Christian counselor, Colorado Christian University has a great blog about this exact subject!