Whenever Cornerstone is fortunate enough to welcome a new counselor to our team, we can’t wait to tell everyone about it!  Last month we were honored to introduce you to Linda Hanson; this month we are proud to introduce Addy Ho.  Addy is an amazing counselor and one of the biggest outdoor enthusiasts we know.  Trust us when we say she is definitely someone you’d want to have on the trail with you if you needed to navigate your way out of a canyon using only shadows and small animals as clues to point you towards civilization (ok, kidding on that last part–but she really is amazing).  Here’s a little more about Addy…

IMG_0964When not providing counseling services to individuals, families, and couples, Addy can be found outdoors.  She enjoys snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking mountains, backpacking, camping, road biking, rock climbing, and hut trips.  Addy grew up traveling with her family and has been to all the 50 states except Alaska.  She hopes to visit Italy and France next year.


IMG_0984Fall is Addy’s favorite season and she loves viewing the changing leaves.  Addy and her friends recently set out for an epic leaf adventure.  They bike packed (biking with panniers/saddle bags) from Evergreen to Georgetown and continued up Guenella Pass.  Once they summited the pass, they camped overnight. This adventure consisted of 60 miles round trip in two days with 6,000 elevation gain.  On most of her outdoor adventures, Addy is often found with her Goldendoodle, Bella.  Hiking, camping, bounding through snow, and chewing sticks are some of Bella’s favorite activities.


Addy hopes to combine her love for the outdoors with counseling.  She has worked as an outdoor educator, instructor/guide for various outdoor companies, and ran a leadership program for teenagers at a camp in Texas for seven summers.  Addy believes in the empowerment and lasting changes that outdoor experiences bring about in people.  There is something therapeutic and healing about the outdoors when people experience it without noise and distractions of everyday life and technology.