Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. So many people set physical health goals (i.e. diet, exercise, nutrition, etc…) that they desire to achieve in the new year. There is nothing wrong with this! In fact, good for you for taking control over your health and seeking to become healthier this year! But, I have heard many of my clients recently mention a desire to GROW SPIRITUALLY as an individual or in their marriage, with their spouse, or as a family!

I put together a FREE printable “Spiritual Health” calendar for you to print and stick up on your fridge for the whole household to see.

Each month, there is a focus scripture. Begin the month by reading and memorizing this scripture (individually, as a couple, or with your kids). Focus on this scripture throughout the month by:

  • Keeping a sticky note with this verse in your car
  • Write it with dry erase on your bathroom mirror
  • Make a bookmark and keep it in your Bible or a devotional that you read everyday, or journal that you write in

There are also twelve goal boxes at the bottom of the calendar for you to write in your own spiritual growth goals. Choose one goal to achieve per month, and focus on doing that one thing, daily, for 5-10 minutes. By the end of the year, you will have ideally developed twelve new spiritual development strategies to keep up your spiritual health! Here are some ideas for daily goals, but the possibilities are endless.

  • JOURNAL for 5 minutes daily this month. (prompts: today, I was most blessed by…, I feel most distant from God when…, the area I need to put the most trust in God is…)
  • WORD STUDY. Choose one word out of the focus scriptures to study all month long. Take time everyday to find the root of this word, other places in scripture where it shows up, or write an acrostic with this word
  • GIVING. Choose a random person to bless financially, with an act of kindness, or with words of affirmation everyday this month
  • PRAYER. Find 15 minutes to pray in silence every day this month. Write out specific things or people you want to pray for
  • SERMON APPLICATION. After church on Sunday, or after listening to a podcast sermon… make small, achievable ways to apply the message throughout your week
  • COMMUNITY. Do one thing, once a week this month to connect with others (i.e. take someone out to coffee, attend a life-group, get a group together to go hiking.
  • SERVE. Choose to sign up to serve at your church or with a local volunteer opportunity (i.e. homeless shelter, animal adoption, soup kitchen, food pantry, nursery)
  • WORSHIP. Spend 10-15 minutes listening to worship music in private and praising God. Play around with writing your own worship song. Post worship songs on social media.


FREE printable Spiritual Health calendar