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nicole Hunka

M.A.- Level Intern

Nicole Hunka Christian Counseling
This clinician accepts a limited number
of Medicaid clients per year


  • anxiety/depression
  • phase of life/transition issues
  • identity issues/exploration
  • grief/loss
  • attachment issues
  • church hurt
  • interpersonal/communication issues
  • women’s issues
  • couples/relationships
  • premarital counseling (Nicole is Prepare and Enrich certified)


Client focus


  • toddlers/preschoolers
  • children
  • preteens/tweens
  • teenagers 
  • adults (18+)
  • seniors (65+)

counseling type

  • individuals 
  • premarital 
  • couples
Philosophy and Therapeutic Approach

It can feel isolating to take on all that life may bring. From interpersonal troubles to family and friend issues, anxiety, depression, and beyond. This is where counseling comes in.

As a counselor, it is my deep joy to work with you to seek out healing, health, and restoration in some of life’s most challenging moments. I have personally experienced the deep relief of sharing my burdens with a trusted counselor, and I hope to extend this feeling to you.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows” Saint Francis of Assisi

What to Expect in Therapy

My goal is to create a safe space in which you are invited to be fully who you are. We leave judgment at the door as you enter the therapy room. Together, you and I will collaborate on your goals and progress. I will create a warm and peaceful environment to help you find hope and strengths within yourself, as well as guide you toward resources along the way.

The alliance I create with you is vital in the work of therapy, and I believe humor, trust, and kindness are all key to creating our alliance. As Brene Brown says, “Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience – ensuring we’ll have reservoirs of emotional strength when hard things do happen.”

Some of us struggle with thinking our needs are not “important” or “big” enough to take to therapy, but I am here to dispel that belief! No amount of distress is too small or too large to bring into the therapy room. I am honored to walk with you through whatever you may bring to our sessions.

Personal Qualifications and Experience

Over the past years, I’ve studied art in Orvieto, Italy, worked as a Young Life intern in Ethiopia, and worked in admissions at a local college. Prior to these experiences, I studied English Literature and Studio Art at Wheaton College. However, as I studied, I realized my interest was less in the actual literature and more about the emotions the books sparked. This interest turned me toward a passion for psychology!

I thrive in taking a creative approach to therapy. I love to help people develop their own eye for beauty–to see the strengths and wonders about themselves that may have been hard to see before.

I’m currently studying at Denver Seminary and will graduate in December as a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate. I am certified in Prepare and Enrich to aid in premarital counseling and specialize in children, teens, and young adults. I have experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, life transitions, family issues, and grief.

Personal Interests

Outside of the therapy room, you can find me hiking the gorgeous Colorado mountains, spending time with my husband and friends, painting in my home, or curling up with a fiction book. I take great joy in these rhythms and find that they bring peace into my life.

“We are loved,
More than we know,
More than we could hope for,
After everything we’ve done.
As sure as the sun will rise,
And chase away the night,
His mercy will not end.”
–Ellie Holcomb, Rusty Varenkamp

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