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Kendra Hill


Kendra Hill Cornerstone Christian Counseling Headshot


  • anxiety/depression
  • identity exploration
  • church hurt/spiritual abuse
  • life transitions
  • trauma and abuse
  • brainspotting trained
  • creative expression and exploration
  • high sensitivity (HSP)
  • OCD
  • spiritual doubts
  • relationship struggles 
  • women’s issues 
  • premarital (Kendra is Prepare and Enrich certified)

Experience Level

Client focus


  • adults (18+)
  • seniors (65+)

counseling type

  • individuals 
  • premarital 

“All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That’s one of the things that connects us as neighbors—in our own way, each one of us is a giver and a receiver.” – Fred Rogers


The wise words from Fred Rogers (aka THE Mr. Rogers) hold true — we all have something valuable to bring to this world whether we are giving or receiving help. One of the things I love about therapy is that each session is uniquely special because of what each person brings to the table–perspective, life experience, personality, beliefs, worldview, preferences, interests, and so much more. My goal is to foster a safe, warm, and accepting space where every part of you is welcome, especially those parts of you that have been in hiding for a long time.

There is a right time for everything on earth… a right time to cry and another to laugh, A right time to lament and another to cheer (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Whether you’re seeking counseling for yourself, your family, or your child, I believe that therapy is a place to cry and to laugh, to grieve and to celebrate, and I commit to inviting each of these experiences throughout our time together. We will follow your unique process and individual pace of healing, and break each step down into non-overwhelming pieces. Most importantly, you will not be alone!


It is important to me to ensure we are not just focusing on one aspect of you in therapy. We are people housed in bodies, so I make sure to explore how emotions present themselves in bodily sensations and experiences as well as thoughts. I use various approaches, depending on what you need, including Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Play therapy (play is important at all ages), expressive arts therapy, and existential therapy, to name a few.

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to begin therapy. It can be scary to start from the beginning and tell your story to a stranger. It can feel intimidating to open up places in yourself that have been closed to so many people. I often compare therapy to cleaning out a closet – sometimes it looks messy, but once you have the chance to really see what’s inside, organize it, and give each thing a place, you can breathe a little easier every time you open the door. I understand that people find themselves in many different places in their spiritual journeys.

I am happy to incorporate prayer, scripture, and spiritual practices into your sessions, with your permission. I am also happy to incorporate art, poetry, music, and other gifts available to us through God’s creation as they nurture and awaken your spirit.


When I was in high school, I rented psychology textbooks from the library for FUN! Though I began as a fashion design major for my undergraduate degree, I quickly felt at “home” when I changed my major to Human Development and Family Studies with a focus on Family Life
Education. I also graduated from Denver Seminary in 2019, and currently hold a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I’ve always focused my time and energy on relationships, personally and professionally. I love people and I love hearing people’s stories. Most recently I worked with children, adolescents, and young adults at Jefferson Center for Mental Health on the Family Services Outpatient team. I find joy in working with people at various stages of life and believe we have a lot to learn from one another.


If you can’t tell already, I am a huge fan of Mr. Rogers. His empathy, compassion, and reverence for the dignity of all people is inspiring to my work as a therapist. I am also a Gilmore Girls fanatic–Stars Hollow feels like home. I enjoy painting with watercolors, writing and reading poetry, and listening to true crime podcasts. I’m married to Lance Hill, who is also a therapist with Cornerstone! We have an adorable pup named Betty and enjoy reading Harry Potter, building LEGO sets, and frequenting the Botanic Gardens.


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“You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me” – Psalm 56:8-9

“We shake with joy, we shake with grief. What a time they have, these two housed as they are in the same body” – Mary Oliver

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