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Diane Hanyok

M.A.- Level Intern

Diane Hanyok, a Christian Counselor in southern colorado who is affordable


  • military families
  • abortion recovery
  • grief/loss
  • childhood abuse
  • spiritual struggles
  • disease, chronic, and life-threatening illness
  • empty nest adjustment
  • life transitions
  • caregiver support

Client focus


  • teenagers 
  • adults (18+)
  • seniors (65+)

counseling type

  • individuals 
  • couples
  • family
Philosophy and Therapeutic Approach

One of the reasons I went back to school in my late 50’s is that I struggled with being imperfect–I needed to learn to be real and imperfect around the people I love. The Townsend Institute, where I am pursuing my Masters degree, centers its approach around growing into the person we are created to be while loving God and loving others. We all are created to have relational needs; needs filled by being in community with others. To have our personal needs met and to grow we need to learn to be okay with ourselves and others and we need to learn about healthy vulnerability. Often that entails undoing some of the lies we’ve learned to believe about ourselves and others and finding a few safe relationships where we get to be ourselves and it’s safe to ask for what we need.

Our family relationships can often be the hardest because they are designed to be the closest and most vulnerable relationships we have (outside our relationship with God). Often, all we need is a safe place to examine where we are in the relationship and find ways to express ourselves in a healthy way while we also give that privilege to our family members.

What to Expect in Therapy

It can be scary thinking about coming to counseling, and to do so can require courage on your part. I’m happy to provide a safe space for you. We will look some at the reasons you have chosen to come into the counseling office, and we will look at some of the possible goals you might choose to work on during your sessions. You might not even know what those goals are until we begin discussing it together, and it’s possible you may get some clarity on the direction you’d like to grow.

Sometimes clarity happens in session one, but often it happens in the next few sessions as you begin to see more clearly through the difficult situation. We may talk some about your family of origin, or about old lies or habits that are not working for your present family situation and relationships. Growth can require change, and I’m here to walk alongside you in that change process. We often give a lot of grace to others and forget to give it to ourselves, so I want to be a good voice of encouragement when things get difficult. As you grow, you and I will know when your growth has reached a point you might not need counseling for a while. As you end your sessions, you’ll be welcomed back at any time.

Personal Qualifications and Experience

I’ve profited by my own counseling relationship throughout the years which helped me overcome an emotionally abusive home in my childhood, so I love and truly believe in the power of counseling to help us grow.

I love my adult children and their spouses (my new children of the heart), the little ones who call me Grammi, and especially my spouse of 37 years. The tools of the Townsend Competence and Character Growth Model have enriched those relationships. In addition, I’ve completed two levels of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and an EFT basic online course, Attachment Science in Practice, which is easily incorporated into Townsend’s model.

My family accomplished 21 years in the military with many deployments and I know first-hand how the military creates unique challenges which often require some help, healing, or possibly some “new tools” for a particular season to learn how to thrive. I look forward to helping other couples through those rough passages.

My first degree, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, helps me understand disease and to help you find resources and support through life threatening disease, a difficult diagnosis, as well as heal through your own personal grief and loss. If you need abortion recovery, I would be privileged to lead you through that difficult process and into a place of freedom. I‘ve spent most of my adult life volunteering within the church community in various places. Sometimes we need a little help to navigate our sexuality or our healing. I love the counseling space for that healing, and I look forward to serving you in your own journey to wholeness.

Personal Interests

I’m passionate about family, relationships, God, and doing my part in the kingdom. I love to read, and I consider myself a lifelong learner. The theatre is another passion as well as travel. I’ve been able to see a lot of this world and the cultures we are privileged to live in and amongst. The empty nest has morphed with my husband and I, and we’ve needed to be flexible as life quickly changes. Creation and the wonder of nature creates a sense of gratitude in me, and I try to be mindful in the moment. And God, whom I love, is good in the moments.

“Everything significant starts with relationship. At the end of the day, your faith, your family, your work, and your leadership are all based on who you relate to and how you relate. Your life is motivated by love for others, being part of a family, a desire for intimacy and vulnerability, choosing to work on a great team, and creating a product or service that helps others. We are happiest when we know our lives revolve around people.” –Dr. John Townsend

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