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Christie morgan

M.A.-Level Counseling Intern

Samantha Kostamo Affordable Christian Counseling


  • dating, premarital, and couples counseling (Prepare/Enrich certified)
  • betrayal trauma
  • women’s issues re: body image, sexuality, self-esteen issues, identity formation
  • interpersonal relationships
  • attachment
  • anxiety/depression
  • trauma
  • healing from abuse: physical, verbal, sexual
  • church hurt/spiritual abuse
  • shame
  • expressive arts therapy
  • white racial identity development

Client focus


  • teenagers
  • adults (18+)
  • seniors (65+)

counseling type

  • individuals 
  • premarital 
  • couples
  • family




 “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” – David Richo

Philosophy and Therapeutic Approach

My philosophy comes from my personal encounter with the Japanese art form Kintsugi–where artists take broken shards of ceramic and put them back together. Part of the art is emphasizing the cracks by using gold in the mending. When we discover broken parts of ourselves, we tend to hide them, ashamed. But I believe the broken parts of us are what make us beautiful and make us stronger. 

My philosophy is centered around gathering back to ourselves the pieces that we thought were too broken or too dirty. To love them and invite Christ and others into our brokenness so we can experience the love that heals. To claim the beauty that is within us, despite the brokenness that comes in life. 

It takes bravery and courage to discover the parts of ourselves that feel unloveable. But I believe that God is not a God of scrap pieces. Nothing is too broken or “too far gone,” and I desire to empower and embolden my clients to discover wholeness through evidence-based modalities such as Gestalt, Attachment theory, EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy), movement, and mind-body connection through a trauma informed lens. 

What to Expect in Therapy

We are not meant to do this journey alone. We encounter people in seasons who come alongside us to encourage, listen, and support us. I believe a really important part of our healing process is finding a worthy companion for those parts of our journeys that are painful. 

My desire is to be a companion for you through whatever season you’re facing. Whether it’s grief or joy, anger or fear, you can expect our therapy room to be a safe, warm, accepting place where your heart and your stories will be held with love and compassion.

Central to how I do therapy is attunement–staying focused on you and truly “tuned in” to what you’re saying and feeling. Along those lines, I want you to establish your own boundaries. I respect your readiness to approach issues, especially when doing trauma work. 

Personal Qualifications and Experience

My personal history of trauma set me on a journey of exploration, as I wrestled with my own healing process and relationship with God. I earned a Bachelors of Philosophy from Wheaton College, where I explored the relationship of suffering and healing, which was largely focused on how to make sense of God amidst a suffering world. 

During my time at Wheaton, I went on the Camino de Santiago–a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain–to study how our physical journeys affect our internal healing journeys. This is where my love of mind-body connection began. I also have many years of experience as a dance teacher using movement for healing. I love using wilderness experiences to help facilitate relational healing, and I spent years as a backpacking instructor helping parents and teens repair relational wounds through rock climbing and hiking. 

I am currently finishing up my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. I am Prepare/Enrich certified, and I also love working with couples both for premarital and marriage counseling, especially healing from trust wounds. 

Personal Interests

I used to be a professional dancer and now teach dance to high schoolers, and spend most of my time trail running, training for ultramarathons, and backpacking in the wilderness. My husband and I serve as spiritual running coaches who help people mend their relationships with God and their bodies through running and wilderness experiences. I also love creating art, especially painting and drawing. And of course, cookie dough is my dessert of choice! 

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive” – Brene Brown

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