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We are proud to offer discount counseling services through our internship program. These counselors are pursuing their Masters-Level counseling degree, work under a trained clinical supervisor on our team, and offer quality services throughout their time of training.
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We don’t want money to get in the way

We understand that the cost of receiving life-changing, high-quality counseling can feel prohibitive at times.  You want to get the help you need, but you’re just not sure how you can afford it. Our internship program was designed to meet this need by offering discount counseling services

Our internship program was also developed to serve our community in training up future Christian counselors. Our interns participate in weekly trainings, supervisory meetings, and receive on-going support for their growth. Because of this, you may be asked to record a counseling session when working with one of our interns. This is to ensure the best care possible for you, while also making sure that our interns continue to grow into excellent Christian counselors.

Here at Cornerstone, we sincerely desire that everyone who wants counseling help is able to receive it. When you work with one of our Masters-Level counseling interns, you receive solid clinical guidance to help you get from where you’re at to where you ultimately want to be.

And the best part?

Working with our interns is just $55 per session!

Meet the Masters-Level Interns on our team:

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M.A.-Level Counseling Intern


M.A.-Level Counseling Intern


M.A.-Level Counseling Intern


M.A.-Level Counseling Intern


M.A.-Level Counseling Intern

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